Manam 2014 Review & Ratings – A Tribute To A Legend

By | May 23, 2014

Manam Review and Ratings

Cast: Akkineni Nageswar Rao, Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya, Samantha, Shriya, Ali and others.
Cinematography: PS Vinod
Banner:Annapurna Studios
Producer: Akkineni Family
Music: Anup Rubens
Direction: Vikram Kumar

Rating: 3.75/5

manam review


Manam has a very interesting story of a boy who takes rebirth and remind some of the faces he lived with in last life. Nagarjuna, who is a rich person meets Naga Chaitanya;who’s exactly looks like his last birth father. And the story takes a strong when he thinks that if he can find his father then why I can’t find my mother. Then Nagarjuna start finding him mother and after sometime he have his mother, Samantha. He start trying to get them close, so they can also remind their past life love. A strong turn, when Nagarjuna finds his parents then an another person comes Nageswar Rao, after seeing Nagarjuna, said you’re my father and then Nageswar start finding his mother too and in last he meet Shriya, mother of Nagerwar Rao.


What can I say about Akkineni Nagerwar Rao, his acting such a brilliant to see and he made the film more interesting by his style. He looks very younger still in this age and so powerful. Oh! Hilarious. I think that another member of the crew Naga Chaitanya have to work a little bit on his costume and histrionics but anyway he also looks so fantastic.

The leading actress Samantha looks very gorgeous as Priya’s role. Other side, Shriya as Anjali looks very pretty and she did the job very good.

Another one from the Manam is Akhil, he makes a entry powerfully in the movie and his scenes and acting will attract you toward Akhil.


The film Manam shooter PS Vinod performed very perfectly and shot the movie like never before. The scenes he takes with the angles are just splendid.

Music is one the thing that pull me to watch this movie. The music and beats the musicians added are just fabulous. Well Anup Rubens did the job very perfectly.

The film editing is also good at his place, it’s just well done job.

The production house for Manam was also great. The film was produced by Annapurna Studios and the company is also known for making good films. But the Bhai was not too successful because there’s lack of something. With everybody Annapurna Studios has worked while it’s a kid or big like Nagarjuna. The help provided by Annapurna Studios is also a key to success of Manam.

Director And His Film.

You know one thing when two great persons meet then they do something different and the same happens with Manam, when its director Vikram Kumar and cinematographer PS Vinod meets and the result is Manam. The technology of Vinod and the shot taken by director are just perfect. Vikram Kumar previously directed 13B and Ishq which was also somehow performed well. Well if I have to tell through my heart then there isn’t any mistake in the directing and I also do not notice anything like boring in the movie Manam.

The direction given by Vikram and how’s attempt by Vinod and his team is a noticeable thing. You can take any movie directed by Vikram like 13B or Ishq, he put the turns in the movie like you’ll not see that the movie is boring you and all things happened automatically. The characters of Manam are sort out very greatly. It justify the character’s role at a particular point in the movie. There’s is also one known face about Vikram that is “He always focused at the lively emotions of characters in the passing story other than keep you tuned with sentiments of, ANY MOVIE”.

About Manam I’d like say that First Half is powerful where second will disappoint you a little bit but it picks us in the third part where it comes to ending of the movie.

In my opinion, you should and definitely go for a watch of Manam. It’s not a boring movie at all. It’ll make you laugh at sometimes and sometimes you’ll watch a family emotions. When we talk about Tollywood, all best actors are present in Manam. Their styles and scenes will surely entertain you very much. It’s all what I can review about Manam – A Must Watch.manam trailer

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