Supreme Court of India Recognized third gender for Transgenders

Advertisement Supreme Court recognized third gender for Eunuchs The eunuchs of India are presumably the crowded third sex sort in the Mumbai based group health association. Eunuchs social development have battled for recombination as a third gender. In 2005, Indian visa provision structures were upgraded with three gender choices: Male, Female and Eunuch. Some Indian […]

Highlights of Bhartiya Janta Party Manifesto 2014

BJP Manifesto 2014 The manifesto of the BJP for 2014 Polls has been released and here we have the highlights of the same. Highlights of BJP Manifesto for Polls 2014 A task force will setup for the minimization of black money. To stop hoarding and black marketing┬ástrict measures and special courts will be placed. A […]

Vaisakhi – The Festival Of India: Importance, Story, Celebration

Vaisakhi – The Festival Vaisakhi, for 20 millions Sikhs of the world, it is the holiest day of the year and celebrated as New Year in Sikhism. The festival has great significance for the Sikhs due to which it is celebrated on 13 April (occasionally 14 April) each year. The Story Behind Vaisakhi On this […]